Are Your Pulling Linemen Not Making Contact?

Are Your Pulling Linemen Not Making Contact?

Often times pulling linemen especially on off-tackle plays fail to block anyone. Youth football coaches often blame the lack of contact on a lack of aggression on the part of the pulling linemen. That is quite often the wrong diagnosis.

Here are some things to look for to coach that skill up and make those football plays where you like to pull work:

#1 Make sure your double team on the Defensive Tackle is getting that player to the second level, to linebacker level. Many offensive linemen get lazy and think as long as the defensive tackle doesn’t make the tackle they are doing their job. Wrong, the Defensive Tackle has to be moved off the Line Of Scrimmage so the puller doesn’t need to bow out on his path to the target.

#2 The pulling guard may be getting too deep in his pull path, which makes him late to the play. Have your Right Guard use his left hand to touch the right hip of the Right Tackle and pull himself past the Right Tackle. This forces your right guard to go shallow on his pull route.

#3 When doing your pulling drills, use that hand spy drill. When the player pulls, the coach is at Linebacker level holding up his hand with fingers up. The puller has to call out the number of fingers the coach has up after his first step. This forces the puller to spy the Linebacker from the opening snap. Put a cone or dummy at as a lanmark for where you want him to pull around, or better yet put your right end and power tackle live versus a defensive tackle or a coach with a large bag. Have your right guard pull around this double team block.

Too many linemen do not spy their target, they run to the hole and then try and locate their target. The puller can feel his way to the hole using peripheral vision. Try it yourself, there is no need to watch your path to the hole if you are an offensive lineman.

#4 Don’t get too uptight about your pullers not making contact on every single one of your football plays. Quite often just having a body in between the defender and the ballcarrier takes the defender off his normal pursuit path or even hides the ballcarrier.

Before you go making position changes or tweaking blocking rules, try ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบand coach the players up and troubleshoot the play. Coaching youth footbal well means you have to correctly diagnose the real problem and then take steps to correct it. Quite often the obvious diagnosis isn’t the answer.

Dave Cisar-