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Malaysia Tourist Places | Forest City

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Skandar Malaysia is an estimated multibillion Ringgit development is an ambitious economic venture which seeks to build an important and lucrative growth corridor within Johor. Johor region.Iskandar Malaysia: Artist’s image of the ambitious multibillion Ringgit mega-project (Bernama photo).

Forest City Malaysia Completes New Homes, Introduces Connected Smart City  Experience

What’s the story about Iskandar Malaysia? It was Malaysia’s very first economic growth corridor with an estimated multibillion Ringgit development that was that was designed to be a significant and long-lasting stimulus for both the local and national economy. They even have a fantastic slogan!

“A Sustainable and Strong Metropolitan Area of international Standing in the year 2025.

We go into greater detail about this massive project and what it holds to offer the nation.

What is Iskandar Malaysia?

Iskandar Malaysia is an ambitious economic initiative that aims to create a significant and lucrative growth corridor in the Malaysian Johor region.

The ambition currently spans the 4,749 square kilometers – nearly six times the size of its neighbor Singapore!

This world-class economic development program is designed to boost the growth of Johor by encouraging investment and giving a boost to the local economy all of which will bring greater positive effects for Malaysian society.

In short, they invest a lot of money, build incredible structures They make a ton of money, and the remainder of the rakyat get to reap the benefits of the injection of additional funds into economic growth!