Replacement Sash Windows – Some General Information

Replacement Sash Windows – Some General Information

If you’re a UK homeowner with sash windows, in due course there is every chance they’ll need to be replaced. Here’s some information about how to decide on new sashes.

Reasons to Replace Your Sash Windows

The main reason people elect to purchase replacement windows rather than simply repairing their existing sashes is that very often sashes are more cost effective than time-consuming repairs. Over time wooden sashes will loosen and begin to come apart. Also, the glazing putty can fall out due to dryness. Another good reason for sash windows is that they may be painted with lead paint. In addition, replacement windows have superior insulating properties and are easy to operate. In addition, sash cut both drafts and heating bills because they’re usually double glazed. This means that there are two panes of glass in the frame separated by a space. The space is filled with either air or high tech argon gas that increases the window’s insulation properties.

A Good Contractor is Key

Whether you choose timber sash or UPVC sash windows, be sure to get estimates from several contractors. A good contractor will evaluate Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent your windows’ condition and may offer options such as patching the wood on some or all of them. If you elect to do so, the contractor will remove some or all of your windows and custom-fit new windows. However, if the sill of the frame is rotten or if the frame leaks, the contractor may recommend replacing the whole frame as well as the window. All this information should be included in the contractor’s estimate.

For UK homeowners, there are a number of key decisions that need to be made regarding replacement sashes.

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