WowGreen – Is This A Born Again Amway On Steroids?

WowGreen – Is This A Born Again Amway On Steroids?

WowGreen International is a new company in the MLM market that is trying to ride the wave of green products into the MLM success hall of fame.

Now of course we all know that going green is a huge movement in the market today. Companies everywhere seem to be jumping on the bandwagon and trying to capitalize on this powerful grassroots (no pun intended) movement.

WowGreen hopes to do this of course by way of household cleaning products, kind of like a born again Amway only this time its “Green”.

WowGreen products pretty much cover the entire spectrum of household cleaning products including, laundry, floor, bathroom, carpet, upholstery, hand and dish soap, and everything in between. All the products are apparently Green Certified through the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment program.

WowGreen which is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan is the brain child of Allie T. Mallad, who is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of success mainly in the franchise industry.

Before founding WowGreen he successfully operated several large franchise groups in the food industry including the largest Little Caesars pizza franchise in the country and was also the largest distributor for Metabolife International who sold a dietary supplement using a MLM type structure in the 1990’s.

The network marketing compensation plan that WowGreen uses is a basic MLM Binary structure where you get paid on your lesser leg.

The WowGreen compensation plan includes bonuses for retail sales to customers of up to 20%, a sponsoring bonus where you can earn $25 to $100 when you sign someone up and they purchase a product starter pack, a Binary bonus of up to 20% on the volume of your lesser leg, and an executive matching bonus where you can make $25 to $100 based on the starter packs bought by members in your direct organization who are not below another executive.

Two nice features of WowGreen’s MLM compensation plan are the Crazy Bulk payments of up to 20% on the lesser leg volume, which is pretty impressive for a binary, and also the Executive Matching bonus on enrollment packages which uses a similar structure to the MLM Coded Bonus compensation plans other network marketing companies like FHTM use.

Keep in mind here that they are not paying an Executive match based on volume or checks received which a lot of other MLM binary programs do but then other binary programs can’t afford to pay up to 20% on the lesser leg either.

All in all WowGreen looks to have a fairly profitable MLM compensation plan that you could do well with.

Now in summary WowGreen could be a winner, the products of course could not really be classified as typical “Wow” type “I’ve gotta have one” MLM products, they are in fact kind of uneventful.