You Can Get More Than Just Shade From a Window Curtain

A window curtain provides more than just shade from a blazing sun and blocking drafts these days. It has become a piece of art that highlights a room. It can even set the theme of a room. You can layer window curtains, have them tucked, they can drape, be swirled, puffed or pocketed and they can even be pleated. They typically come with sheer linings which act as privacy shields when you tie your curtains open and don’t want full exposure of your home made available to the public. Let’s look at a few areas of the home where using window curtains may apply and that will give you some ideas on how to adorn your own windows.

For some, decorating a bay window is an impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be if you take it from each section rather than trying to decorate it as one large window. Each window section will have its own bay window curtains on their own curtain rods. They should be of the same fabric and design but they should be treated as separate window treatments. Many times window curtain they come in sets so unless you are making custom curtains you won’t have to worry about sizing each window.

Your bathroom is a place that stays damp regardless of how ventilated it is so you should choose bathroom window curtains or some type of blinds that are water and mold resistant. Avoid wood blinds as mold would instantly be a problem unless they are weather treated. Synthetic fabrics are the best choice. They can be easily cleaned and washed. Vinyl is the most common choice for window shower curtains. This would be of the same type of material as your shower curtain.

Kitchen window curtains are simple and make a kitchen a cozy place to settle for a meal or chatting. Many people will use their kitchens as a place where they can engage with their friends and guests. Curtains used to decorate this room should be simple and not take focus away from the room. Country curtains with apples and roosters are very common in this setting. Daisies are a popular theme as well. As far as design goes, many kitchen windows use valances or cafe curtains.


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